…gunpowder, treason and plot! For over 400 years, we have been lighting bonfires on this night to mark the ‘Gunpowder Plot’. Did you know that the tradition of Bonfire Night began the same year as Guy Fawkes and his fellow conspirators were captured? Fireworks will be lighting up the skies across Northumberland this weekend at a host of organised displays. This year, 5th November falls on a Monday, so most public events are on Sat 3rd or Sun 4th. Here are a few of the most spectacular ones for you to visit. [ 02/11/18 ]

Here in Northumberland, it feels like half term has been going on for the best part of a month! The steady stream of families visiting the county from other regions underlines the fact that in some parts of Scotland, half term began in mid-October; in many parts of England, it was on the 22nd; but in Northumberland, it starts on the 29th. Luckily for our schoolchildren, this late holiday also coincides with Halloween. [ 25/10/18 ]

How does a holiday on two wheels appeal? When you book your next lodge, log cabin or cottage break, why not consider spending some time on two wheels, rather than four? If you and the family don’t have your own bikes, you can easily hire them from a number of places in Northumberland and get to see the county from a whole new perspective. To make life even easier, ask about hiring some of the latest electric bikes – e-bikes, for short! [ 18/10/18 ]

Many people have discovered the power of natural healing in bubbling pools of hot water. A hot tub’s gentle heat and massaging effect is relaxing and beneficial to both body and mind. It’s why so many people look forward to having a holiday with a hot tub…and why they make such good use of it during their stay. Many studies show numerous benefits are gained by using a hot tub – to general health, sleep patterns, blood pressure, stress relief, pain management, even weight loss. [ 10/10/18 ]

Pet owners know that going on holiday without their four-legged friend is a bit like breaking up the family. Your pet pooch is a valued family member and time spent apart can be a big wrench, particularly for children. When you book a holiday at a dog-friendly destination, you’re keeping the family intact (it’s cheaper than a boarding kennel too!) and everyone, including Fido, will be happy. You’re all about to embark on a wonderful new adventure and make some memories. What could be better? [ 09/10/18 ]

If you fancy meeting Santa, take your family along to the George’s Journey Christmas Fayre at the Briardale Centre, Blyth. The event, which is free to enter, takes place on Saturday 18th November and includes a range of festive crafts, face painting, a raffle, tombola and hot food and drinks. For a fantastically festive day […]