We have been busy working behind the scenes on providing our guests with luxury additional services, something to make your holiday that little bit special. I am delighted to announce that we have partnered up with Chef Sean Wilkinson who can provide our guests with a fine dining experience all in the luxury of their […]

According to the locals you can’t miss the Sanderson Arcade entrance, I’ve yet to see it personally despite having wandered through it multiple times – must be all the eye level catching bargains or the blinkers were on again. More than just a high street, Morpeth has plenty of shops, beauty/spa salons, boutiques, gyms and […]

As the “Tales of Northumberland” hit the screen’s with Robson Green exploring the idyllic, charming and Northumberland iconic landmarks and rich coastal walks, it is easy to see why tourism in Northumberland has seen such a significant rise. Easter in Northumberland is awash with activities for all ages and there is something for everyone to […]

Were you lucky enough to see the amazing Aurora Borealis otherwise known as the Northern Lights last night? Here in Northumberland our guests were able to watch the dazzling show whilst in their own personal hot tubs either outside of a luxury lodge or log cabin. Photo Credit: Martin Kitching, Cresswell Beach looking towards Druridge […]

Have you ever been to Northumberlandia fondly known as the “lady of the North“? It’s an eye catching art set landscaped within 46 acres of community park. Ramblers, dog walkers and families can explore and enjoy the 4 miles of footpath around the art work. Are you looking for things to do to entertain the […]

Unfortunately I am unable to start my blog with a sentence beginning with “on a beautiful sunny sunday morning…” as the weather was a bit dismal, but at least it was dry (small mercies). Wendy and I decided that a wee roadtrip was in order to explore the surrounding areas and the village itself paying particular attention […]