Stargazers can observe the famous Orionid Meteor Shower this weekend (21st/22nd October) at Kielder Observatory. Every 76 years, the most famous comet of all, Halley’s Comet, completes one orbit around the sun. On its journey, loose debris on the comet’s surface is dislodged and left behind in its wake. Every year, on 21st October, the […]

Visit a ‘pop-up planetarium’ in Allendale Village Hall, near Hexham, on Monday 23rd October, for a fabulous journey through the universe. You’ll tour our solar system before heading through the Milky Way to other galaxies. Admission is free and showings (lasting 45 minutes) start at 11am, noon, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. Bring your telescopes, cameras […]

Art lovers are spoilt for choice over the next few weeks, with these four exhibitions in Northumberland and Tyne & Wear: The first features an exploration of the life and work of noted portrait painter Sir William Coldstream, and is being held at Belford Museum. Beginning on Monday 2nd October, the event runs for a […]

Close House at Heddon-on-the-wall is the venue for this year’s British Masters Golf Tournament, which takes place from Thursday 28th September to Sunday 1st October. It will be hosted by Lee Westwood, Close House’s attached tour professional, who originally opened the Colt Course in 2011 as the world’s number one golfer. First held in 1946, […]

It’s Back – Our Luxury Log Cabin Giveaway We have relaunched our competition and this time it’s a Luxury Log Cabin giveaway. Enter to WIN a weekend in one of our stunning Luxury Log Cabins.  It’s for the weekend of 8th December, staying 2 nights for four guests.  It includes your personal hot tub, and […]

Fascinated by astronomy? Experience an unforgettable night on Sunday 24th September under the starry skies of Kielder and the largest expanse of protected dark skies in Europe – the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park. ‘Night Sky Safari’ sessions at Kielder Observatory are geared towards maximising observing time through the telescopes. If you own your own […]