Stargazers can observe the famous Orionid Meteor Shower this weekend (21st/22nd October) at Kielder Observatory. Every 76 years, the most famous comet of all, Halley’s Comet, completes one orbit around the sun. On its journey, loose debris on the comet’s surface is dislodged and left behind in its wake. Every year, on 21st October, the Earth passes directly through this debris trail left by the comet and we can see the results in the night sky as shooting stars, sometimes up to twenty in an hour. The science team will be on hand to give you a guided tour of the night sky.

There’s still time to go on a volunteer guided walk in Northumberland National Park, Hexham. Running all summer, the final event is on Sunday 22nd October. The volunteers know the best places to walk, so you won’t be short of local history, stories, features and view points.

At Hauxley Wildlife Discovery Centre, Amble, you’re invited to meet some of the nocturnal wildlife in the run up to Hallowe’en. Join the team on Tuesday 24th October for a walk after dark to learn about bats and listen to their calls, and examine the moth traps to find out exactly what the bats have been feeding on. All children should be accompanied by an adult.

Bats are also on the agenda at the Go Batty in Autumn event at Ingram on the 25th October. As well as learning how the wildlife will be preparing for winter, you can make a bat box and get creative, making your own bat! Aimed at families with children 12 years and under. Two sessions: 10.30am to 12 noon and 1-2.30pm.

There’s a great opportunity to do some Christmas shopping at the pop-up markets in Etal on Wednesday/Thursday 25th and 26th October. On offer will be a diverse range of crafts, food and gifts from the local area.

Children (aged 5-12) can celebrate Hallowe’en early with lots of fun activities (Tuesday/Thursday 24th/26th October, Hauxley Wildlife Discovery Centre, Amble) Create some masterpieces to take away with you.

Take your young, aspiring scientists to one of the popular Space Kids events being held at Kielder Observatory (Tuesday/Thursday 24th/26th October). Touch real rocks from space, take a tour of the observatory and get to grips with the two big telescopes there. Then . . . Kielder is turned into mission control as you learn how to make and launch your own rockets!