2015-03-13 12.31.17-2Life on the park is a very different life to the one that I am used to and it’s one that I love.  Having recently taken over the management and running of 21 properties on Felmoor Park it’s great to spend my time alternating between chatting to people on the phone and social media, sorting out holidays or just wandering around the lake taking in the scenery and wildlife.  That is when I’m not helping to clean and sort out the cabins for our next guests.

Swans matingThe thing that makes it all so special for me at the moment is the two beautiful swans that have come back again to mate.  I can sit for hours watching them do their “Dance”.  You’ve seen the photographs of two swans making a heart shape but if you are like me you probably wondered why and when.  Each time I watch I’m mesmerised and amazed at how they are so synchronised with each other.

I understand Swans mate for life and when one dies the other often dies
too.  Watching them together you can understand why that is the case – two beautiful creatures very much in love portraying true togetherness.

Swans 8Aug13 - Chris Evans

I am now waiting to see if there will be babies joining them this year (We had five Cygnets a couple of years ag0).  They are building their nest and doing their “dance” so here’s hoping.

Because they are so used to our guests they are often seen wandering around the cabins waiting for the odd piece of bread and when we are full the visit one cabin after another saying hello.

If you like a relaxing holiday, at one with nature, then our cabins are the perfect retreat for you.  Sitting around the lakeside you can picnic on your terrace, while the children explore and take in all that nature has to offer.

Wendy x