Travelling By Car

Most of our visitors arrive at our cabins by car, and spend a lot of their time exploring our amazing part of the world by car. With that in mind we have put together a handy guide to some car journey essentials. This is just a standard guide, obviously in winter we would advise different items, but that’s a whole other article on its own!

Keeping the Children Entertained

We’ve all experienced the journey when the children start asking a few miles down the road “are we nearly there yet”.  Plan ahead and make sure you have some games to keep them entertained.  Eye-spy can become a bit monotonous so how about a pack of cards, colouring books, a DVD player, or a box of magnetic board games to keep them occupied.

Mobile Phone

Oh the many things we can do on our mobile phone – get directions (remember there are quite a few areas of Northumberland that don’t get good phone signal), find out information, and yes they can even be used to call someone! With that in mind it’s worth ensuring mobile is fully charged or that you have your in car charger ready to use just in case.  Please remember not to use it when you are driving though.

Food Pack

We aren’t known for gridlock and traffic chaos up here in Northumberland, but should you find yourself delayed or heaven forbid the navigation has gone skew-whiff and you are ‘taking the scenic route’ then a little snack box may be like manna from heaven if you’ve missed a chance for lunch. A couple of bottles of water and some crisps, snack bars or nuts and seeds will stay in date for a while and wont go stale if they are kept unopened until you need them.

First Aid

It’s always worth keeping a basic first aid kit in your car even when you aren’t on holiday, maybe include some painkillers (for non emergency and purely personal use) plasters, cleansing wipes, a couple of safety pins and bandages or cloths.


As great and fantastic as mobile phones are, and as well prepared as you can be with an in car charger, there are still some parts of our beautiful Northumberland that get absolutely no mobile signal at all, so be prepared and go old school with a proper atlas just in case.

Notepad and Pen

Useful if you need to ask for directions! Or to note the details of new friends you might make.


I don’t think this needs much explanation, sometimes it rains but our little corner of the world is still gorgeous and waiting to be explored. After all there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing!

thre dogs in carMoney

Always worth keeping a small amount of change out of sight in the car, it comes in handy for unexpected parking meters or pit stops at the shop.

Travelling with Pets

We welcome dogs in our properties so please bring them with you, but remember they also need to stretch their legs so plan some places where you can stop and rest and give them a quick walk around and remember a portable bowl and bottle of water to keep them hydrated.

Have a safe journey !

Wendy x