“Singing Hinnies” Recipe

In line with our Northumbrian theme we are introducing you to some of our local recipes, that are easy to make and scrumptious to eat.

One of my most favourite tea time treats, Singing Hinnies, are like a cross between a skinny scone and a griddle cake. But a bit more rich and calorific!

Named Singing Hinnies because when cooked on the griddle the butter melts and hisses in the pan, sounding like it is singing, and Hinny is a very Northern term for a woman or girl. The legend of the Hinnies says that, a northern lady, whilst cooking these scones, was being harangued by her children with many requests of ‘are they ready yet’ and she replied ‘not yet they’re just singing, hinnies’.

These have a long standing reputation, as a delicious treat, in the North of England and are made using a traditional Northumberland recipe………….

You’ll need …………………

• 8oz plain flour
• 2 oz butter
• 2 oz lard
• 1 oz currants
• half teaspoon salt
• 1 teaspoon baking powder
• A dash of milk to bind

Sieve together the flour, salt and baking powder.  Rub in lard and butter.  Add a dash of milk and mix to a thick dough.  Mix in the fruit then roll out and cut into rounds of about 6cm.

Cook on a hot greased griddle turning once so that both sides are browned

Serve warm with a cuppa (obviously) and for a full on luxury enjoyment, serve them on the terrace of your Northumberland Cabin  while you watch our beautiful sunset or
stare at the stars in our amazing skies. Because our lodges have great kitchens, whipping up a batch of these will be child’s play.

As you can see these are amazingly easy to make but they are super tasty and have been appreciated by many around the world, in fact even Nigella Lawson herself has a recipe for

Have you a particular favourite North East dish you’d like the recipes for?   Let me know and we will include it for you.

I hope you enjoy this one and please do let me know if you make them and enjoy them.

Wendy x