Shed and ClutterNorthumberland is known for it’s history and uniqueness and when I saw this picture entitled “Shed and Clutter” it made me smile. I think it captures the essence of our local people. Creative in it’s uniqueness and open to the world, laying out the honesty that the locals expect from each other. It was taken on Holy Island and shows life on an Island.

You can get to Holy Island via a causeway but be careful there have been many a car stranded, so make sure you check the tides before you set off.

When you arrive on the Island there is plenty to see and it’s easy to wile away the hours exploring and chatting to the locals.  You will find the famous Lindisfarne Castle, can sample some of the good old Lindisfarne Meed, or learn about the life of the Vikings.

Make sure you put it on your list of places to go when you visit us in Northumberland.

Wendy x