Bamburgh Castle

No visit to Northumberland is complete without a day at Bamburgh Castle. One of Northumberland’s most iconic landmarks. Sprawled across 9 acres of land this castle is one of the largest inhabited castles in the country. Awash with tales of bloody battles, ghosts and royal rebellions there’s plenty of history to immerse yourself in.

Work your way through the gateways, Kings Hall, Kitchen, Keep and dare the Dungeon if you are brave! You will see fantastic collections of china, porcelain, furniture, arms, paintings and portraits. Because the castle is still lived in, there is a real homely feel to it.  With staff on hand across the castle, who are always happy to impart knowledge and welcome your questions, you may find yourself losing track of time and wonder where the day has gone.

You can also amaze at the engineering achievements of The First Lord Armstrong (he who is responsible for the creation of the castle we see today).  You can also see aviation displays from two World Wars in in the Armstrong and Aviation Artefacts Museum.  And, of course, it sits high above the awesome Bamburgh Beach, looking out over towards the famous Farne Islands and nature reserve.

If you visit in the summer months expect to see Archaeologist’s at work uncovering the vast history of the site, you could even join in and see what you can unearth! With history of settlers on this site, right back to prehistoric times, there is a huge booty of archaeological treasure already found and more still to discover.

The castle is set along beautiful coastal scenery so stunning that it’s been featured in movies and TV shows and voted through to the finals of ITVs ‘Britain’s Favourite View’.

After you have soaked in all the castle has to offer meander along the stunning coastline and feel yourself swayed by the beauty and replenishing sea air that you won’t find anywhere else.

When your thirst for history is sated and your soul renewed by our stunning scenery you can relax like a King of Northumberland in your stunning holiday accommodation.

Do let me know if there is somewhere that you would like us to feature and we will do our best.

Wendy x