It’s possible that you have heard a rumour that Beer is rather popular here in the North?!  Well that’s true, but we aren’t just passionate about drinking the stuff we love to make it too. We have a great selection of local brewers, some of whom are also happy to open their doors to you.

So, for all you beer lovers out there, here is a snapshot of where you can find true Northumbrian beer, with a little bit of history about it too.

Anarchy Brewery

This brewery was founded in January 2012 by husband and wife team Simon and Dawn.  It’s a 10 barrel plant at Whitehouse Farm Centre, near Morpeth.  Originally the couple brewed traditional beers but have recently included more elaborate flavours like citrus, kiwi and coffee in their range of beers, ales and stouts.

The brewery visitor bar is open 11am to 5.30pm on weekends, then opens every day during the summer from May 5th, with brewery tours available.

High House Farm Brewery

Brewing from a working farm surrounded by trees and streams just next to Hadrian’s wall, this Brewery has a restaurant and tea room and you can book a tour around the brewery to see how beers like Top Tup, Cyrril the Magnificent or Black Moss are created.  It’s open every day except Wednesday and is a great stop off point when travelling up to the Wall from our cabins.

Northumberland Brewery

Situated in Bedlington, this company has been brewing since 1996 and are responsible for such beers as Fog on the Tyne, Sheep Dog and Whitley Wobbler which are quite famous in our area. Brewery tours here include food and a drink but are for groups of 10 or more, which sounds like a perfect excuse for a mates weekend away to me!

These are just three of the brewery’s we have locally that you can visit.  There are lots more who provide craft ales, seasonal brews and traditional lagers, bitters and stouts to local restaurants and pubs, so make sure to venture out of the park and visit some of the local establishments to sample some amazing ales.

To see a list of local Brewers visit Canny Bevvy

Don’t forget most of our local beers can be ordered on-line so you could sample them without leaving the comfort of your lodge, let us know if you’ve tried any local brews and what you thought.

Written by our guest blogger – The Monkeyfooted Mummy