5 Easy Ways to Maximise Your Holiday Let Revenue

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As the UK holiday market continues to grow, competition grows stronger. These 5 easy steps will insure you stand out from the crowd, increasing your revenue and helping provide the best experience possible for your holiday makers.

Appealing to pet owners

The call for pet-friendly holiday homes has been consistently increasing over the past years. Making your property welcoming for the whole family can be a great appeal to customers looking for a UK holiday and is very easy. Simple things such as a water bowl, or doggy bags can be supplied at very low cost whilst creating a significant increase in your bookings.

Knowing your target market

It’s really important to think about who your property appeals to. Look at things like your location, number of bedrooms, things that may attract people to the area. Is your property a one bedroom retreat that could be perfect for a romantic couples weekend? Is your property in the middle of the countryside where walkers might come with their dogs? Or is your property larger? Perfect for family and friend gatherings.By knowing your audience you can adjust elements of your accommodation to help bring in bookings. Perhaps by adding a complimentary bottle of prosecco for couples or a small collection of games for children and families.

Returning Customers

Repeat customers are always a great indicator of a good holiday. These customers and more likely to provide you with some free promotions by spreading the word of how brilliant their holiday was. Additionally, customers often do so more than once, sometimes coming annually or sometimes even more! Regular visitors, create regular bookings, naturally increasing your revenue.

Listening to feedback

Feedback is absolutely vital to create a successful business. Both positive and negative comments should be taken on board and used to improve your property, and often complaints are small and easily fixed. By doing so, not only will you show how attentive you are as an owner, but prevent any negative experience for future customers. Don’t forget how important good reviews can also be in securing bookings!

Adding to your property

A sure-fire way to increase the appeal of your Holiday Let is by adding  features that make your property more welcoming and that differentiate your property from a regular home. Things like a decent internet connection can really sell a property as many people depend on being connected. Maybe add a log burner or a fire for those colder winter evenings, making your property even more cosy and warm. Another highly popular addition is a hot tub. Properties with hot tubs are much more in demand that those with out. On average, hot tub properties earn 51% more per year, so despite the investment required, they can be a brilliant addition to your revenue.