It’s been a busy summer so far and now the schools have broken up its time to start the real juggling, as I’m sure many more of you are having to do to.  I often get asked if there is anything for children to do to keep them entertained so I thought I’d share one of my working family days with you.

There are lots of exciting places to visit with the family while you are staying with us, even spending time on park, around your cabin can be fun for the children, as my son has discovered this year. Yesterday, with his friend in tow, he joined me for a change over day.  My dog Hollie always comes with me, so I thought at least I could send them off on walks to keep them entertained, but it wasn’t needed, as they found plenty to keep them entertained.  Even a little bit of work was done – they said they wanted some pocket money, but I think they just wanted to play with water 🙂

2015-08-10 11.30.53

First job was to place all of the packs of bedding at the correct cabins, then came the fun part of emptying and filling the hot tubs – a little boy’s dream playing with water and so much of it.

2015-08-10 10.51.16

Then the exploring began and first thing they stumbled across was a broken egg next to one of the cabins, being inquisitive they then searched for the nest where it came from and found three little heads peeking over the edge watching them.  That kept them busy for a while trying to a get a picture which unfortunately didn’t come out well.

Then it was off to find the family of swans so that they could feed them.  Everyone who has visited us has enjoyed this experience as the swans are all so friendly and as they grow they get funnier to watch waddling in a line to see who has food for them.

2015-08-10 11.35.19

Being adventurous boys, they then took a walk up to the animal farm to see what was going on, before heading over to the park next door to play on the adventure playground.  I love it when boys are boys and enjoy the outdoors as much as being inside playing on a play station.  There really is something for the whole family on the park and the surrounding area.

Wendy x